The point of it all.

The purpose and intent of the blog is to encourage and help bring about the unification of black people for the purpose of bringing wealth, equality and change to the black experience by branding ourselves as people of worth. Society has managed to rank Blacks the lowest of low in every facet of life, wealth, education, health, looks and purpose to name a few, throughout our tumultuous history. As harsh as it may present itself, this statement has merit. The point of making such a statement is not to incite a negative reaction, but to express the need to move higher up the rank and ultimately dissolve such a damaging effect, devaluing human beings. Black always has some negative low rate attributes associated to it. My question is why and how long will we let it be as such? The economic and social status of Black people is always a subject matter, for government and media and who so ever else is inclined to broach the topic. Without fail there is always some doomsday prophecy relative to Blacks, being advocated by everyone but us. We need to advocate for ourselves and build up our communities; we need to embrace the stronghold of black family and black communities as they have been the anchor of our sustainability and they are continuously faltering and under attack.

 I welcome you to join me in efforts to brand our Blackness. There is much of value in our existence; beyond the financial gains we afford other ethnicities and communities by not recognizing the need to be identified as a force to be reckoned with on a global scale, financially, politically and socially.

It saddens me to know that society can directly tell us of our inevitable demise and yet we do not react to circumvent it. There is evident truth to their message as is in fact the current path we find ourselves on unless we designate a new road to travel down. Personally I have packed my bags and am ready to take the road less travelled and no doubt make it a well beaten path right alongside my fellow Black people. I will be on that road looking back until sight is unseen, with over whelming satisfaction in our defeat over what can no less than be described as a cruel and continual attack on our humanity and existence. I implore you to journey with me as our future depends on it. Such words have never been truer.


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